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The importance of eating 5 fruit/veg a day




Getting a Balanced Healthy Diet is Easier than You Think

For generations, mothers across the world have used the “finish your greens – they’re good for you” phrase to coax their offspring into finishing the greens languishing at a corner of his plate.  Turns out the old dear was right all along.  Almost every health study conducted has come to the conclusion that fruits and vegetables are absolutely essential in a balanced healthy diet.  Eating your daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetable can ward off stroke and heart disease, help control your blood pressure levels, and prevent build up of harmful cholesterol in your body.  The consumption of fruits and vegetable has also been found to contribute to fighting off cancer. And of course, it will aid weight loss.

Healthy Fruit Smoothies are a Great Way to up your Fruit and Veggie Intake

It is estimated that the average American gets barely three to four servings of fruits and veggies a day.  This is far lower than the recommended guidelines that call for five to thirteen servings per day.  Unfortunately in today’s busy fast paced world, people don’t always find the time to fit in fresh fruits and greens in their diet. With 5 minute lunches and breakfasting in the car on the way to work so prevalent, who has the time to grab an apple?  This is where healthy smoothies come in.  All you need is some calcium rich yoghurt and 5 or more of your favourite fruits and you have the perfect component for a balanced healthy diet.  For those who aren’t too crazy about their veggies, green smoothies provide a perfect way to get in some veggie goodness in a tasty drink.  The fruits add sweetness and mask the raw flavour of the greens.  Healthy smoothies are therefore perfect for children who are loathe to finish their veggies, and help give them a balanced healthy diet.     

The Benefits of Healthy Fruit Smoothies

Loading your morning healthy smoothie with at least 5 fruits and vegetables will give you all the goodness of fruits in a convenient and easily palatable form.  Take a look at what a balanced healthy diet rich in healthy fruit smoothies can do for you: 

  • Helps lower cholesterol levels although no one is sure why.  It could be because people who consume fruits in large amounts eat lesser meats and fats.
  • Helps control blood pressure
  • Eating more fruits helps reduce the risk of oesophagus, stomach and lung cancer
  • Eating more vegetables reduces the risk of mouth, pharynx, lung, and ovary cancer
  • Aids digestion and calms irritable bowel.
  • Keeps your peepers in prime condition.  Vitamin A found in carrots for instance has been found to fight night blindness. Lutein and zeaxanthin found in green leafy vegetables accumulate in the eye and help protect it from the effects of pollution, smoking and sunlight







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