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The problem with Junk Food and why you need to stop!




Junk Foods are the reason that such a high majority of people are overweight, and that statistic is increasing each year. The main problem we face when quitting junk foods is that the category contains all our favourite foods! These might include the following items:

Biscuits, chocolate bars, cakes, puddings, soft drinks, sweets, crisps, fries and many many more. So what is wrong with eating these products, and why do they make me overweight? You might ask yourself this question - well the answer is simple; snack foods like these supply our bodies with barely any nutritional goodness and yet contain a lot of calories which are quite simply "empty". They do not leave us feeling satisfied and therefore we crave another meal/snack.

Many also contain fatty, artery clogging fats which can lead to a major increase in the chances of obtaining Heart Disease, a major problem which needs to be given awareness.

Of course, nobody can just stop eating their favourite foods, and if some of these fall into that category - then why not treat yourself one day a week to that portion of fries? or that slice of cake. First off, this will help you achieve weight loss goals by satisfying your cravings so you can begin the next week a fresh with your new healthy smoothie diet. Remember, this isn't a diet as such. It should be part of a healthy diet of the correct foods and drinks. Did you know a pint of ice cold water consumed immediately after you wake can burn around 120 calories? Little things like this you will pick up by carrying out the correct research.

So put a post-it on your fridge, Junk food will only make you hungry again.


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