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Smoothies as part of a balanced diet




If there’s one thing that can be counted as the “food of the millennium,” it’s a smoothie.  Green teas are exotic and something of an acquired taste, tofu is, well, tofu.  Healthy smoothies on the other hand are a universal favourite, and have all the cancer busting, anti aging properties you’ll need without the yucky aftertaste in your mouth.   

A Smoothie Diet is Delicious and Healthy

A smoothie diet is one of the few out there that top the scale in both taste and nutrition.  Not only are smoothies rich in flavour, but they are also low on fat which makes them perfect for those who want to watch their calories without having to subsist on rabbit food.  A fruit smoothie that combines one or more fruits can be a perfect way to start the day and will help you get your daily dose of carbs, vitamins and minerals.  

Smoothie Nutrition Packs in Plenty of Antioxidants

Besides being low on calories, healthy smoothies are also high in antioxidants, the nutrients that help our bodies fight the oxidation process.  Our body cells use up energy in their daily processes and this process known as the oxidation produces destructive radicals that among other things, speed up the body’s aging process. Among the various health hazards that these radicals bring about are heart disease and cancer.  Anti oxidants help prevent and fight the damage caused by these free radicals, thereby helping to protect us from many diseases further down the line.  Antioxidants also build up our natural immunity to diseases like cancer and infections of the body. These miracle nutrients are found in plenty in fruits, and this is why doctors advise consuming around 5 kinds of fruit/vegetable a day.  If the thought of munching apples and pears all day long is depressing don’t despair.  A smoothie diet packs in all the antioxidants you’ll need.  What’s more, your body will be able to absorb nutrients better when fruits are blended into a healthy smoothie. The fruit and vegetable fibre that contain most of the nutrients are easily ingested by the body when they broken down into an easily digestible form.  Try mixing two or more colours of fruits in your healthy smoothie for an added antioxidant loaded punch!  

Smoothie Nutrition Has all the Goodness of a Complete Meal

Although a fruit or vegetable smoothie by itself is no replacement for a compete meal, you can introduce protein boosters and extracts for an even more power packed smoothie diet.  Add protein rich almonds for more stamina, and flax seeds for sharper mental processes.  A shot of peanut butter in your smoothie nutrition plan will help give your mornings a filling and healthy start, while wheat germ will add skin softening properties to your smoothie diet.  Protein powders and vitamins will give your smoothies an added healthy edge.  So go ahead, grab your blender and introduce some lip smacking smoothie nutrition into your life!





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