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Useful Products  



Making perfect Smoothies requires certain tools! Of course, it is possible by hand, and the satisfaction element is great! However, with working, working out, children and all the other things life throws at us, these products will help you out! Remember, the tastier the Smoothie, the easier this Diet becomes, and with it a whole range of benefits - from Weight Loss, to More defined Muscle. So lets waste no more time, and get you in the Kitchen!

First of all, let me give you the necessary tool to start really going for your target of losing weight safely! A recipe book of course! In addition to the recipe's provided on this site, I urge you to take advantage of this offer and secure hundreds more recipe's to help make losing weight more fun. At $9.95, this is my top pick for value!

The Blender
The first item in your inventory should be a Blender. An electric Hand Blender is the minimum you should opt for here, as you will need it to chop through the ingredients to make them consumable as you would a drink, with no chewing. I'd recommend something like these as they will offer you excellent quality blends for low cost. Remember, you don't only have to use this for Smoothies! Blenders can be used for Soups and have many many more uses. Think of investing in a decent one for your Kitchen.


If you are serious about dieting then you will need to know a little about the foods you are consuming. GI (Glycogenic Index) is the language used to describe the type of energy release of certain foods. Its worth noting that a high GI index food is a quick release energy source, the best example being Glucose which is the highest index of 99. In simple terms, glucose delivers energy to your body fast and provides you with an extra kick - hence the use of products such as PowerAde, Lucozade etc in sports.

On the contrary, low GI index foods are much more efficient in releasing energy over a prolonged period of time. A perfect example of this would be porridge oats which provides energy for your body for a few hours, which is why it makes such a great breakfast. Understanding and utilising this system is one way to lose weight quickly, but safely.

I can recommend you this GI Index guide for just $29 - a HELL of a lot cheaper than some other books off the shelf. The information is available for free on the internet, but the research and time really wouldn't be worth the hassle when you could be spending more free time doing the things you want to. The guide actually links in great with this particular website, as its use of fruits can further enhance your knowledge and grasp of using smoothies to lose weight and keep you healthy.

A Juice Extractor

This is more of a luxury item, and is really really good at obtaining the maximum juice from a fruit. The amount of juice wasted from people not squeezing a fruit enough will add up and its not worth letting all that goodness go to waste. Besides, these are great for summer Lemonades and making Pure Juice drinks without the added sweeteners and additives. Check out these products for a really great deal!

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