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Caribbean Cooler




This Caribbean Cooler Smoothie is perfect for that hot day, or as a mid morning meal replacement! It provides good energy, as well as half of your RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) Fruit Limit. You will need:

  • Blender [Need one of these?]
  • 1x Small can of Pineapple Chunks (or 4x Large Rings of Natural Pineapple)
  • Quarter of a Cup of the Pineapple chunks Syrup
  • 1x Banana
  • Half a Cup of Coconut Milk
  • 1x Small pot of Natural Yogurt (Plain)
  • Half a Cup of Milk

The amount listed should serve one person and allow a little extra for a quick fix later on or if you are just in thirsty for more!

Step 1
First step is to place the Pineapple chunks and a little of its Syrup into the Blender. Chop the Banana into segments and add to Blender. Set at a low speed for around 30 seconds.

Step 2
After 30 seconds, stop the Blender and add the Milk, Yogurt and Coconut Milk. Set Blender at a high speed for 30-40 seconds. The Mix will be quite binding due to the Syrup so you may need to Blend for up to one minute.

Step 3
Enjoy the Caribbean Cooler!

NOTE: This Smoothie should be consumed on the same day as it is made, to really get the most from the flavours. Id recommend you leave it sitting in the fridge for one hour to settle (if time is available) -  to taste its full potential

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