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The Choc Doc  



This is a personal favourite of mine, it can be made with any Whey Protein powder and is really good after a workout as it restores your body with energy from the Sugar and helps your muscle repair process with the inclusion of Protein Supplements. Its also great without Protein and you can easily substitute this for a Milk flavouring powder as I have done for this example.

  • Blender [Need one of these?]
  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Scoop of Chocolate flavoured Whey Protein
  • Strawberry/Chocolate flavoured Yogurt
  • 1 bar of Mars Delight or your favourite chocolate bar (protein bars are fine)
  • 1 Cup of Milk

The amount listed should serve one person and allow a little extra for a quick fix later on or if you are just in thirsty for more!

Step 1
The First step is to chop the Banana into segments and place them in the blender along with the cup of Milk and Protein or Milk Flavouring powder. Set at a low speed and leave to blend whilst you complete the next Step.

Step 2
Break up the Chocolate bar into small segments (Its actually best to freeze the chocolate prior to making this Smoothie, and crushing it with a Mincing Hammer whilst in a bag. The same process you would use to crush ice.)

Step 3
Add the chocolate to the blender and set at a low speed for around 25 seconds, then switching to a higher speed for around 10 seconds.

Step 4
Now the mixing is almost done, we can add the Yogurt. The reason we add this ingredient now is because the thinner the mix is, the more it moves about and the Blender can work its magic chopping the chocolate bar up easier than in a Yogurt base mix. Set the Blender at a high speed for 15 seconds then Pour.

Step 5

NOTE: This Smoothie must be consumed within 20 minutes, to prevent the whey protein from decaying

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